How to book your private chef?

Sweet and sour chicken Please read this step-by-step guide - it contains all information you'll need to find out how the Flyingchef works OR, click here to directly contact us.

1) Confirm a date

Please contact us through this form at least 3 days in advance and let us know the name of your preferred chef. Our English speaking staff will get back to you as soon as possible, to confirm if the chef is available at your preferred date. If he's available, please provide your name, address and contact details.

2) Choose your dishes

Download our English food menu and wine list here and choose the dishes you want. You should order about two dishes for every three people that attend the dinner. So if eight people are coming, order 6 dishes.

3) Preparation

Minced vegetables In the afternoon before the dinner, we will buy all the comestible goods for your chosen dishes and number of people. All the ingredients will be fresh and of best quality. The chef will also prepare decorative elements for the dishes.

4) Your flyingchef arrives

Your private chef arrives one or two hours before dinner (depending of the number of people and dishes) and begins to prepare the food.

Things provided by us:

  • Cooking pans and all necessary cooking utensils,
  • all fresh bought ingredients with invoice (paid by the customer; explained in the price section),
  • Spices and seasonings (paid by us).

Things provided by customer:

  • Dinner ware (plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.)
  • Beverages (soft drinks, beer, etc.)

5) During dinner

Your chef introduces the dishes to the guests (in Chinese - so if you can't speak Chinese, what better way to learn it!) and serves the food to the guests, removes the plates during and after dinner and starts the cleaning during the guest’s dinner.

6) After dinner

The chef  will clean the kitchen and dinner ware as it was at arrival. He will leave when the kitchen and dinner ware is cleaned (latest at 12am).

OK, now that you know how it works, click here to book your own private Flyingchef!

A few more things you should know ...

Flyingchef is not a catering service. Your private chef arrives at your apartment alone and there's no waitress included or other services that you would expect from a full range catering service. You simply rent a chef.

The chef is not in charge of anything else than your food. He will clean your kitchen to the point that it looks like it looked before. He will help to clear the empty plates and glasses from the table and clean them, but he's not in charge of anything that happens after your dinner.